"We acknowledge and pay respect to the First Peoples of Australia and extend that respect to all Elders past, present and future"

Building Cultural Responsiveness

Our Building Cultural Responsiveness program, has been designed for organisations who have a significant number of their customers who are Indigenous but who also deliver services to customers and clients from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. This program teaches participants how to quickly identify a customer’s cultural preferences and then adapt their interactions to suit that customer’s needs, creating improved outcomes and increased customer satisfaction. Rather than teaching participants to memorise a list of common cultural beliefs, which can often be outdated, over-simplified or inaccurate, our Building Cultural Responsiveness program focusses on teaching participants how to quickly identify the cultural preferences of individuals they engage with and then adapt their interactions in a culturally responsive way. This program modifies and combines elements of our Aboriginal Cultural training and our Leading Diverse Teams program. It uses Aboriginal culture as a test case to demonstrate skills and techniques which can then be applied equally to any cultural group. This training teaches your team how building culturally responsive interactions can help improve client engagement, compliance and outcomes. 

Running time: 4 or 6 hours
Minimum participants: 8
Maximum participants: 25
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This training can also be combined with units from
Customer Service & Sales Training to best suit your individual needs.